Good morning from York! (The Real York, mind you.)

Leaving Manchester

I had many adventures arriving in the ancient city named Eboracum by the Romans (they started the place).  I’ll be out today and will post photos of the city gate that sits on the foundations of the original Roman gate into the Headquarters of the Fort.  Eboracum was the headquarters of the Northern Legion in Roman Britain. I will post  more about that soon.

It was a long day beginning at 5pm with a flight to Atlanta. Safely onto the night flight, sleep eluded me for most of the night. Landed in Manchester walked from Airport (customs no problem at all) got very hot (imagine that) and then sat in a coffee shop from 11 – 1:15 finally catching the train North for a couple of hours and got to my room about 3PM (very civilized).  After a moment’s respite, I ventured across the street to the Minster (that close, the bells sound the hours) for Evening Prayer.  It was good to be back in that magnicificant house where prayers have been offered for over a thousand years.

I will be out and about and will post about today.  Hope your day or end of the night is going well.  It is almost 8AM here. Off to a proper English breakfast.  None of which I should be eating. Oh well, when in Eboracum do as the Ebors do, I suppose. Thanks for reading.  JWS