The Refracted Fathers

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I faithfully kept a blog the last time I was on sabbatical but upon returning I allowed the tyranny of the immediate to crowd out my writing. Again I am about to enter sabbatical and again I am launching a blog. I propose this time to focus on my principle concern, to explore the ancient ways of soul work and how to best interpret that practice into my present work as rector of an Episcopal parish in the second decade of this century.

History has been one of my favorite subjects and since everything and everyone has history I am interested in almost everything so long as it has a story. I am an Anglican today because of the rich tradition and sense of continuity with the ancient church. Tradition is ill-served by its friends and despised by its enemies, though in fact neither group appears to be overly acquainted with its riches.

Fr. Richard Valantasis writes in his book, Centuries of Holiness: Ancient Spirituality Refracted for a Postmodern Age, “Tradition is the action of the Holy Spirit making available the wisdom of the past in a new idiom and a new time.” I will share from this work over the months ahead.