Icon of the Paraclete

 Paraclete: Advocate belongs to the language of the law courts, and means a defending counsel, or attorney, as opposed to the diabolos (devil).  Paraclete is applied directly to Jesus himself in I John 2.1, and, indirectly, in John 14.16, where “another” implies a similarity between the Paraclete and Jesus himself; the Paraclete will be to the disciples what Jesus himself has been, and the coming of the Paraclete will be equivalent to a coming of Jesus himself (John 14:18, unless this is an allusion to the return of Jesus to the disciples after the Resurrection).

  • The teaching of the Paraclete will be centered on Jesus and his teaching.
  • The Paraclete will extend the range of Jesus’ teaching to the world.
  • The Paraclete will advance the disciples understanding of “the truth,” which is identical with Jesus         
  • The presence of the Paraclete with the disciples will be permanent, in contrast to that of Jesus, who had to be withdrawn.
  • The presence of the Paraclete will be invisible and inward.