York has had a market in the centre of the old city or at least a thousand years. Saturday today as then was market day and everybody comes to town.  You can find most things there.

Take a look at those figs! Adam could have made a three piece suit  with leaves from that plant!

Fruits and vegetables and flowers to military surplus from all over Europe – lots of desert  camouflage and interesting gear. There was way cool stuff in that booth. Image

Fish from Whitby on the North Sea to poultry and homegrown meats – sustainable agriculture is very much a commitment of Yorkshire. We will be a while catching up.  

The New Gate Market is in the middle of the old city and remember a gate is not an entrance even though that is written on the arch over the road, no a gate (gata is the word in Norwegian for road)  is a road – a bar is a gate.

People watching is fun, although you are not supposed to acknowledge anyone, walk on the left side of the sidewalk and above all things never ever speak to anyone.  It’s just not done. So being from the South and all, bless my heart, I forget and am polite except that here  Southern manners are impolite.  It’s really a little confusing (and annoying).

You can look at the meats but only speak if you intend to buy something. I’m kidding (a little).

She gave some to her husband and he…

Adam & Eve - William Strang

Adam & Eve – William Strang

The sermons I heard preached growing up about Adam, Eve and the fruit went something like, “While Eve & the serpent were chatting over the back fence, poor Adam was across Eden digging a trench to better water the citrus grove, only to discover upon arriving back at home what had gone on and when seduced he ate the fruit. 

This reading neatly gets males off the hook but doesn’t stand a close reading. The sense is that he was standing right there the whole time and in on the deal from the beginning.  So much for a self-serving point of view that has caused a lot of pain and mischief over centuries. JWS