NOTE:  This is an entry from my journal  of he Winter of 2001.  A couple of days later I flew to Kansas to enter the hospital.  It was a difficult time for me and my wife.  I sit now in a different office, in a different city, with a different community.  I am grateful!

Black Turkey Buzzard

The last Sunday I preached at the Chapel of the Cross before I was hospitalized for depression, I had a fascinating experience. I was very very depressed and it was not an easy day. After the 7:30 service I was in my office and heard a commotion in the hall down by the coke machine. Going to investigate I found just as big as you please an enormous black turkey buzzard perched on the wall of the garden. I had never seen one around before. He hung around all morning. Its presence was a moment of synchronicity for me. Synchronicity is what Carl Jung called a “meaningful coincidence”, *when your inner world and the outer world intersect in a meaningful way. That morning I felt like parts of me were dying and what shows up but a bird that only eats dead things. It really was funny. It also became a metaphor for me of my journey through depression and beyond.

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