Cure of Souls

Holy Trinity Priory, Micklegate, York, United Kingdom

Holy Trinity Priory, Micklegate, York, United Kingdom

Living the Christian life is important to me!  I know that is patently ridiculous for a priest to say but hear me further. The most important thing that I can do is witness soul-making. That’s even more fun than Finance & Administration meetings. To be allowed to be a mid-wife to the birthing process is amazing and intimate.

The Church in her wisdom (questionable as that is) ordained me to an unique work called the cure of souls. They send us to school to learn to do what no one can be taught to do. The cure of souls is true on the job training and not unlike being assigned the maintenance of a roller coaster (regardless of any taste or aptitude); to and to discover that I’m to learn on the job and tinker with the mechanism of this machine of managed mayhem while it is in motion.  It’s exciting work if you can get it. I have been the head mechanic at four roller coasters although, in truth, one was more like a Ferris-whee to cycle constantly.

The Church exists as a place for the healing and growth of souls. Everything we have there and everything we do there must support that function or we have missed our calling. Come and see (and bring your soul especially if it has a slow leak!)


1 thought on “Cure of Souls

  1. Brother, I share that call to the cure of souls. You are quite right that the work soul-shaping, soul-forming, soul-curing must be the work of the Spirit and perfected by our imperfect efforts through our being in and with. We learn techniques and theories, but the reality of every soul trips up every technique and theory. It is truly a work of faith with God the only sure constant.


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