Saint Olaves Church


Today I wandered out Bootham Bar in search of Saint Olaves Church where I plan on worshipping on Sunday.  Turning left on Marygate I walked toward the Ouse keeping   the  massive walls of Saint Mary’s Abbey on my left.  In a couple of blocks I came up the church. It is tucked right into the walls of the ruined Abbey.  Through the gate I went and around me saw the beautifully maintained flower beds and walks. I thought, “someone loves this place.



Inside I found a company of the  Holy Women of God who gather on Friday to prepare for the Holy Day. They were having a good time with genuine affection born of long shared life and commitment. I wandered about chatting with first one and then another

One asked if I knew of Mouseman Thompson? “Indeed I do,” I replied. Beaming she showed me the tell tell carved mouse that mark all the work done by that famous woodcarver’s studio. I find my photos of said mouse too dark. I’ll take more on Sunday.

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