My computer (new) has a birth defect and must go home to “Momma Dell” to be fixed. The obvious problem is obvious. The problem involves an inability to log on the internets. Since my blog is on said net… enough said. I will attempt to post things from my iPad. Since I finding that frustrating, I will be forced to wait and post when I get back to Memphis. JWS

Today I went to Saint Olaves Church. It’s pronounced “olives” though it is an archaic version of Saint Olaf, patron saint of Norway. Actually this the oldest church dedicated to Saint Olaf in the world! Started by Viking traders, it has been a house of prayer for over a thousand years.


Saint Olaves Church


Today I wandered out Bootham Bar in search of Saint Olaves Church where I plan on worshipping on Sunday.  Turning left on Marygate I walked toward the Ouse keeping   the  massive walls of Saint Mary’s Abbey on my left.  In a couple of blocks I came up the church. It is tucked right into the walls of the ruined Abbey.  Through the gate I went and around me saw the beautifully maintained flower beds and walks. I thought, “someone loves this place.



Inside I found a company of the  Holy Women of God who gather on Friday to prepare for the Holy Day. They were having a good time with genuine affection born of long shared life and commitment. I wandered about chatting with first one and then another

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Constantine the Great – First Christian Emperor


nConstantine the Great - First Christian Emperor Constantine was with his father the Emperor  Flavius Constantius in York when the Emperor died. According to the arrangement the four emperors had agreed was that no member of their family would  ascend to the purple after then.  That being said the soldiers proclaimed Constantine Emperor in York. It is true that Constantine didn’t refuse the nomination and then set about how to win the throne with the help of the very men who proclaimed him. 

Holy as the Day is Spent


I first heard this song over a decade ago when first in Memphis at Saint John’s. It was wonderful then and it is wonderful now and illustrates how introverted poetry can brought out of herself by her extroverted sister music.