Avoid Ideology

I am struck more & more that paradoxical thinking is one antidote to the chronic anxiety of our times; in part because to think paradoxically, in aid of functioning as non-anxiously as possible in face of reactivity.

The quote froCardinal Henri de Lubac, S.J.m Henri de Lubac a couple of posts ago bears this out.  Being “right” carries with it urgency for defending the truth (our point of view being over identified as the truth) against all questioning.  Responsibility for the truth drives up our anxiety and we “succumb” to our formulation.  Succumbing (a sort of addiction) leads to mischief as our thinking loses suppleness hardening into ideology, valuing the abstract over the concrete, humanity over the individual.


Paradox is the reverse of what, properly perceived, would be synthesis. But the proper view always eludes us. Each of us contributes by his existence to the weaving of a wonderful tapestry but it cannot yet be comprised entirely within our range of vision. In the field of facts as of spirit, synthesis can only be sought. Quamdiu vivimus necesse habemus simper quaerere (As long as we live, we deem it essential ever to seek). Paradox is the search or wait for synthesis. It is the provisional expression of a view which remains incomplete, but who orientation is ever toward fullness.

 Henri de Lubac Paradoxes of Faith [9]