When Gorbachev gently broke the goods to the Americans that neither he not the country he led were going to continue our enemy,  we were thrown into a real crisis. If we are no longer the great super-power for good facing the great evil empire of the Soviet  Union then who are we?

Immediately we looked around to see who would fit the bill, “Japan? no, perhaps China?”  But no one else was as much fun as the communists. Of course the Russians were not all that different than the people of the US.  All of us want to be safe in our homes, rear our children and labor at meaningful work.

What we are unable to see is the shadow of the thing. The real boundary between good and bad is not between people but rather right down the middle of each of us. This doesn’t feel like good news, so we embrace the “good” and deny the “bad,” thus assuming that is the end of the matter.  The truth is that even our good needs converted.  None of us will be immune to sin in this life.

So what do we do with out shadow?  The shadow knows. JWS

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