Watch that butterfly it’s loaded.

I’m off for most of August and while holding the routine at bay I catch up.  I catch on things I don’t take time for most of the time, like television.  I watch a season of episodes at a time, more interesting actually.

This afternoon I watched an episode of Fringe. I am new to this show. It is in its 4th season with a 5th concluding one afterwards.  I am woefully behind back in season 1, I know, I know, get to it, well at the beginning of this installment, an executive runs late for a presentation to his board, however, he arrives in time and pulls it off. 

As he gathers his things a butterfly floats by. Puzzled he reaches out to touch it, only to have it cut him with the razor edge of its wing.  Things then go from bad to worse as nothing good  can come from encountering  a flock of razor-winged butterflies.

Films that scare me are not of the vampire, ghost or werewolf variety (though zombies trouble me), no, what makes me watch the tube through my fingers is having ordinary things, benign things turn on us. That scares the bejeebers out of me. Those of you old enough will understand why  I have never been as trusting of birds sitting on a power line since the movie, Birds.  Ordinary things are supposed to remain that way.

The world is full, richer with possibility than I am prepared to look and the things that go bump in the night that are truly scary lie in the hearts of humans not butterflies unless they have sharpened their wings.  JWS