In one of his short stories, “The Quantity Theory of Insanity”, Will Self suggests that there is a fixed amount of craziness in the world. If one person becomes a bit saner, another will become a bit madder; if one group starts to act normally, another with start freaking out.

from Lexington: Anger Management (The Economist – March 7th – 13th 2009 page 43)

Great Art At York Minster

Graeme Willson is a painter whose work I admired at York Minster. There is a link below to his web page showing his public art. His other work is also interesting. His “portraits” of historical figures is very intriguing. Naturally we do not know what they looked like but artistic license gives us a hint of their personality.

The robes of Saint Edwin, King has robes that tell a story. I could have looked at the detail for a very long time. His Hilda is a aged woman, a nun, (yes)  but also a princess. Paulinus, the bishop from Rome who baptized both Edwin and Hilda is vested according to his order. The Chapel of Saint Cuthbert in the nave of the Minster has a “ceiling” above the altar that is, unfortunately, difficult to see unless you are on your back looking up.

The beauty of the Minster is not just in the past but is an ongoing process. The Church, at our best, is a patron of arts for all beauty points to the creator. JWS