Round and Round

I set off this morning in the opposite direction from my wall walk yesterday in the direction of the South Gate of York, Mickelgate Bar. In due season I found it and met a delightful man there who keeps a museum in the room about the gate. He was very friendly and I spent the better part of an hour with him chating about York history and American history. They have more then do we of course.

Micklegate bar

Micklegate bar

After lunch I made my way back through the center of the city down Mickelgate which is an Medieval term meaning great road. As I have said before, although you encounter it later in the blog, a gate (Norse gata) is a road while a bar is a gate. You could think it was designed to confuse the ignorant American except that this city has been run by the Romans, Norse/Vikings/Saxons/Norman French and the English amalgam of all of the above: lots of languages in a very small area.

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