The Lord’s Prayer Pub

After church we had a pint and a nosh at The Paternoster Pub close by the Cathedral. I heard more Italian thanĀ  English. Everyone is wild about the Rugby games between France and England. I doubt that anyone would name a bar for The Lord’s Prayer in Memphis. When in London do as the Londoners do.

Eucharist At Saint Paul’s

Marilyn and I went to Sunday morning Sung Eucharist at Saint Paul’s. The place is beyond words, perhaps the most beautiful room I’ve ever seen. The acoustics are perfection and the choir of men and boys sounded on the mark. Both the celebrant and preacher were women. Good job by both. The deacons were male and female. Seven clergy for the service – It takes it for that the space. The service was at the crossing and quite a long way from the high altar but that is common these days. The vestments were a nice shade of green (harder to find than you would think) trimed in a mid-weight blue. All in all the place is exquisite and the liturgy is carefully and well done.