The Journey Begins

Tomorrow evening Marilyn and I leave for Great Britain. I have been on Sabbatical for not quite a month and I look forward to this adventure.  I have promised to blog regularly so people can know what’s going on. I begin where I always being sitting in my leather chair in the den of our house at 53 Shepherd Lane.  I have spent a lot of time here of late. I am in a major shift from the frantic pace of work to the measured pace of pilgrimage.

My cat companions, Raphael and his sister Seraph have sat with me and I will miss them as we travel.  They teach me patience as I cannot will them to be different than they are. Seraph in particular wants to be with me, whatever it is I am doing at the moment she finds it interesting. At the moment she is perched on the no man’s land of my waist as I type on my laptop. She is a pretty able editor. Although her typing skills leave a good bit to be desired.

I know I will return different. How different remains to be seen.