Another Way To Think About The Second Coming

The Christian year is nearly over. Advent/Adventus approaches.  Those who follow the liturgical calendar turn to watch and wait. Christmas comes on December 24th after dark, the Eve of the Christ-mass, not before.  So we wait and watch.

The first Sunday looks not to the first Advent in Bethlehem but back to the future the second coming of our Lord Jesus, who shall come in great glory to bring down the curtain on history.

But another way to think about the Second Coming: “There are three movements in each coming of Christ into lives.  There is the initial coming of God into our lives.  This is followed by the human response to the coming.  And then there is God’s counter-response: the “second coming.”

It is time to watch and wait, reflecting on the good news to come and the consummation of the age.  JWS


What does it mean to interpret the second coming in a non-literal sense? … The eighth day of the week is Sunday and it is still honored by Christianity as the beginning of the eternity and the end of time. It was first thought to be the 8th day after the resurrection of Christ but has been continued now as each Christian Sunday, a waiting for the second coming of Christ. It is a cycle that occurs over and over, an intersection of time and eternity. Mystically speaking, this second coming is now – not just on Sunday morning, not at the stroke of midnight in the year 2000, not at some time in the future, but at this very instant, in every moment, it is available to anyone who is prepared for it.

Balancing Heaven and Earth, Robert Johnson – [page 132]