Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

I find myself, like the words of the children’s song, trying to decide at what point of the anatomy to be settle. Do we stand these days on the shoulders of giants or do we dodge the descending feet of giants? Some of the choices I would like are not mine to choose.

Life has passed many choices by and other options I reject so I am left with the choice to face my life as it is or to defect in place. In middle age stamina is the name of the game. Trying harder is not always possiible and working smarter not readily available.

Here my thology must inform my place. To borrow an metaphor from Robert Farrar Capon When I lose grip on my life as I often do my grip is encloese in the grip of Jesus and that is enough. knowing that I  am indeed losing my grip I am oddly comforted by that fact. Praise be to God. 

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