Showing Up For The Bull Fight

What do we love? Why? How much? What attachments do we have? To what? Are our attachments in contradiction? For me at least I discover competing attachments, contradicting loves. I want to follow Jesus but I also like my stuff. What do I do? How do I let go of what I no longer need when I still want it?

These are ethical and spiritual questions that face us all.

I return time after time to Parker J Palmer’s book, The Promise of Paradox: A Celebration of Contradictions in the Christian Life. Palmer points out that neither ignoring nor avoiding our contradictions is life-giving. What we must do is embrace the cross/pain of the contradiction by admitting to God and to a trusted person the exact nature of our stuckness. The pain of truth telling will pull our shell of denial apart and grace will drip inside. Such a posture promotes healing and growth.

Ruthless honesty and relentless kindness is the imperative. Are the weapons of choice for the bull fighter.

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