Becoming The Thing We Fear

There is an urban myth going around about an elderly woman who was terrified that she would become the victim of violent crime.  So she bought a little gun, which she carried in her purse.  One day she came out of the local mall, arms loaded with packages.   When she got to her car to her shock there were two young men sitting in it.  She was horrified but she had her gun.  So she pulled it out and bore down on those young men and ordered them out of her car.   They went.  Trembling she got into the car, fished her keys out of purse, put them in the ignition.  The key wouldn’t turn.  It wasn’t her car!!!!   She got out and one row over was her car.   She got in and drove away in a hurry with two young men yelling, “That old woman stole our car!”    If we are not very careful — in this post 911 World in our fear we will become the very thing that we fear.  When and if that happens we will have done the terrorists work for them.