tissot-the-widows-mite-745x485In the temple in Jerusalem there were bronze “trumpets” where people placed their offerings. The greater the number of coins (there of course was no paper money) the greater the sound and greater the display.

When Jestrumpet mite imageus saw the widow giving two mites, the smallest coins, as her offering while others gave huge amounts he remarked that she has given more than all of them for she has given all that she had. All of little is everything.

Bill Stough, the late Bishop of Alabama, once taught that we are to enjoy all that God has given us while knowing that God is to have access to our stuff when God has need for the work of the Kingdom. That makes sense to me. This attitude promotes a graceful life one given to hospitality and humility. Both of these virtues are correctives to a life filled with material wealth.

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