The Perversity of Protoplasm

In times of high anxiety we become very earnest indeed. I find it interesting that in this time of religious fundamentalism there is a phenomena of atheistic fundamentalism with books like The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins filling the book stores. Protoplasm is perverse and tends to the opposite of what is willed. What to do?

“We want to escape the tensions of ambiguity and uncertainty, but the more energy we put into one pole of a duality, the more it take the charge of its opposite. So what are we to do? How can we be free of the grip of such of such dualities? Chaos suggests that irony, metaphors, and humor help to move us beyond into duality into a new clarity of vision. Art, music, theater, and sacred ritual all employ rich, ambiguous forms to escape the trap of duality…” [Seven Life Lesson of Chaos — John Briggs & F. David Peat]