The ‘fruit of the Spirit’ is in Galatians 5:22,

· love;

· joy;

· peace;

· patience;

· kindness;

· goodness;

· faithfulness;

· gentleness;

· self-control.

“against such things there is no law” — Here the apostle Paul speaks  a  profound truth desperately needed in our time, namely that there are character traits that grow from life in Christ.  

Our time is marked by willfulness — people anxiously willing people to be different than they are! Polarities — black and white — seem to be the only options. Reactivity produces more anxious reactivity. The cycles is automatic and continuous UNLESS we begin to think and repond in a thoughtful less anxious way. 

The fruit of the Spirit come from a non-anxious and calm cultivation. Contemplative prayer, yoga and other techniques that promote quiet self-awareness are essential in these times. 

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