1. We must let the story of the resurrection break into our consciousness and upset our unconscious participation in the ordinary world around us; we need to realize that the resurrection is something quite extraordinary and does not fit into life as usual.

2. Once we see the resurrection as an earth-shattering event, we must learn all we can about this man Jesus of Nazareth; the resurrection says that this man reveals the very grain of the universe, its heart and center.

3. We need to learn how we can be open to Jesus’ continuing presence, his availability in the Sprit. There are many different ways to take down the barriers within us which shut out the power of the risen Jesus and his Spirit.

4. If we are to be transformed by our relationship and grow closer to this God of love, we need to bring our lives and actions into harmony with love. This also means that we become agents of love in an unjust society.

5. This kind of response requires courage, for we struggle not only against a society which ridicules but also against the very powers of darkness that seek to prevent the victory of Love.

6. We human beings are multi-leveled creatures. Bringing all of the depths of us into harmony with the risen Jesus cannot be accomplished in one decision or action; it is a lifelong process and may even extend beyond the grave.

7. We need to use our common sense and check all of what we do against the wisdom of the Church and the world, using the critical and rational gifts with which God has endowed us

Morton Kelsey [p. 152]

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