Are we there yet?

I do not drive a car with the satellite system that talks back when your are lost or locked the keys in the car or need the address of the nearest florist to repair a marriage. It would be helpful to have such a resource, I suppose, but it also would feel like someone was watching. Better to strike out on our own looking for the way through without too much help, we think. Asking for directions is cheating! So off we go…

At times it looks as if I should turn there and go there and the streets should take me yonder when in point of fact the street is a dead end or turned resolutely in the other direction. Finally I have to backtrack and start again anew with directions or at least the knowledge that the way I had gone didn’t lead me where I needed to go.

The spiritual life is much the same. We can see in the distance what we cannot make out in the foreground. The mountains on the horizon are near in sight and far afoot.

Lord, let my tired feet continue in the way that my eyes can see until that day when what the eye comprehends the feet can stand upon.