What Time Is It?

I am asked to add to a full calendar as if I could borrow time or cut and paste time to suit myself. Falling into such a notion is a profound mistake. The Greeks had several names for time, chronos: calendar time, kairos eternal time. What time is it? What is it time for?

Einstein’s Dreams is a marvelous book of reflections on how time might work by Alan Lightman (a native of Memphis). “Hypothetically, time might be smooth or rough, prickly or silky, hard or soft. But in this world, the texture of time happens to be sticky. Portions of towns become stuck in some moment in history and do not get out. So, too, individual people become stuck in some point of their lives and do not get free.”

We have to learn to pay attention, be attentive to what is going on so that we move toward consciousness and wholeness rather than frantic fragmentation.