Laughter And Tears

A passage from Telling The Truth: The Gospel as Tragedy, Comedy & Fairy Tale by Frederick Buechner speaks to my soul again and again, “The old woman’s name is Sarah, of course, and the old man’s name is Abraham, and they are laughing at the idea of a baby’s being born in the geriatric ward and Medicare’s picking up the tab. They are laughing because the angle not only seems to believe it but seems to expect them to believe it too. They are laughing because with part of themselves they do believe it. The are laughing because with they know with another part of themselves it would take a fool to believe it. The are laughing because laughing is better than crying and maybe not all that different. They are laughing because if by some crazy chance it should just happen to come true, they would really have something to laugh about. The are laughing at God and with God, and they are laughing at themselves to because laughter has that in common with weeping. No matter the immediate occasion is of either your laughter or your tears, the object of both ends up being yourself and your own life. [page 50]

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