One Must Dance

I have never been much of a dancer. Although a “ham” in many ways, I just do not have the gift of abandon to give in to the dance. However there is one time I long to dance and that is on Easter. An old friend of mine, Father David Bargetzi, used to say that it was a greater sin not to dance in Easter than it was not to fast in Lent! I have pondered those words for two decades and find them true.

My modest though radical proposal is to have an Easter dance on Easter evening — a supper dance — commemorating the last Gospel of the Day, the story of the risen Jesus walking with Cleopas and an unnamed companion on the way to Emmaeus, being revealed to them there in the breaking of bread.  What a way to end the day of resurrection but with joy, music and dance! 

For if resurrection is true (and we have wagered so) then dancing is in order on this day of all days and for that I will take up dancing lessons. 

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