Things Do Not Go According To Plan

We love to have a plan. People are often paralyzed by choice when making life decisions feeling that if they do not make the right choice they are on the road to failure. My late teacher Ed Friedman said that his observation was that the choice was less important than how the person functioned after the choice was made. If the first choice proved incorrect then choose again! I value his wisdom more every year.

Knowing felines as I do, the cat below almost certainly didn’t plan to wind up in the drink. The puss would just have soon been most anywhere else then in the H2O bath. But after the splash Mr. Puss did what cats do very well he paddled to shore shook off the water gathered his dignity and retired to groom himself into his usual splendor. I should know I live with a pair of Bengals although they like water.

Yes things rarely go according to plan but if we are flexible know it to be true that we will survive and often what happens turns out better  than the plan we intended.

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