Aquinas pits praise against pride – the good angels turn to praise and the bad angels were swollen with pride, remaining in themselves.  Praise is the act of not remaining in oneself; it’s going out.  I call praise the noise that joy makes.  Praise is related to joy and it takes you out of yourself and even beyond your own suffering.   This reminds me of Meister Eckhart asking, “Who is a good person? A good person is one who praises good people.”  That’s one reason why envy is part of the sin of the devil, because envy is also a refusal to praise.  It’s a preoccupation with one’s own desire or praise wanting to be praised at the expense of others’ right to praise. 

THE PHYSICS OF ANGELS —  Fox—Sheldrake page 127

You Can Go Through Home Again

The great wisdom says that can’t go home again and that is true. But I have learned that you can go through home again. We had dinner last night with friends of twenty years ago.  So much has happened to both couples.  The words of the wedding vows — For Better — For Worse — For Richer — For Poorer — In Sickness and In Health were so present in our conversation.  These vows reflect the medieval notion of the “wheel of fortune” that whatever your station or situation it is subject to change hence the vows.  For Christians the marriage relationship is to be lived at the hub of the wheel so that as the wheel turns it remains constant. I like to think of Christ himself being the linchpin of the wheel.